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Our Mission

Since 2006, we look elevate expectations by providing project based IT consulting services, at a fixed cost. Our Jedis are trained in the latest Microsoft technologies and excel at customer service.


For a decade, SP Jedi has been helping companies function at their highest level in the technology arena. We’re not trying to be the biggest consulting group in the market, but we are dedicated to providing our clients and customers with the most accessible and reliable service.


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Process Automation

Hands down the most powerful tool added in the last few years under Microsoft 365. From Document Automation, Data Integration, and Data Transformation. 150+ Power Apps Created within the last 18 months.

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Migration Services

Our simple approach to Office 365 migrations will get you up and running quickly. Exchange, Azure, LotusNotes, G-Suite, SharePoint, or On-Premise Migrations done quickly from start to finish.

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Digital Transformation

One of the most sought after new tools under the Microsoft 365 umbrella. Data extraction and classification from within the documents. Automate upload classification. 10 projects haven been complete within the last year. Very few companies have completed even 1.



Our customers are our most important asset. We have worked with some incredible companies. Here are some of our collaborative success stories.

Training Site with NetSuite Integration

Our customer came to us with a need for document automation with 300+ fields, custom calendar, and NetSuite data integration.

Construction Management

Our customer needed a way to manage people, products, and timeline all in one location. We built a responsive tool with management tools in under 60 days for their full enterprise.

Agricultural Project Management

Our very unique customer needed our help for the overall management of Produce delivery for one of the largest states. Their custom application allowed them to manage their diverse company online or offline on any device.

Branding Sites

Our customer was tired of Microsoft blue (I think that's why they liked us). We built a custom look with our in house graphics team that wowed them from the start.

Custom Sales Portal with Dashboards

A massive one year project with tons of data integration of Power BI, Salesforce, and a custom tool kit for each type of user.

Document Management System with Stage Gate Process

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