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SP Jedi can organize your business so that everything you need to run your projects will be right at your fingertips.

Run Your Business Like Jedi Master (Light sabers not included. Sorry.)

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Turbocharging your website

Is your website not performing the way it should? We design websites that will make you wish you’d called us yesterday.

Organizing your projects

Are your people constantly struggling to organize their projects because everything they need is scattered across multiple files and systems? We provide Microsoft Office 365 support as well as a 30-day SharePoint migration service.

Streamlining your internal operations

Are your operations reports making you see red? We use our not-so-secret Six Sigma skills to transform your team into a lean, mean machine (except without the rhymes).

  • You have a vision for your business. It's our job to transform your vision into reality.
  • What if there was a simple way get your startup off the ground, one that could send you flying past your competition?
  • What if there was an easy way to get everyone in your business interconnected as if it was still an early-stage startup?
I'm Jed Elliott, and I'm the founder of SP Jedi, a custom development shop that operates on a few key principles:
Principle #1:

It's okay to be a dork.

Principle #2:

Work is great, but so is having fun. (Backwards basketball anyone?)

Principle #3:

Systematize everything, then pass along the cost savings to the people who've earned it: our customers.

Need a clean, sleek design for your startup? We got you covered.
Need a framework that can link your teams working out of 10 different locations across 3 states? Yep, we can do that too.

Need to rewire the way your managers approach the way they do business? Man, we can Six Sigma you to the end of the block and back.

There is a way to transform the way you do business, to go from a confused, tangled mess to a sleek, smooth digitally run operation. And best of all, it won’t leave you eating ramen noodles for the next two years.

What they say about us

SP Jedi helped us with our first implementation of Office 365 and made it so painless. I would recommend for any size of business.

Shannon Shal   

SPJedi helped our adoption of our environment to go from 13% to 86% in under a year. They come with a process and make a plan that works.

Mark Alexander   

Some fun facts

Dev Hours of work per week
Satisfied clients
Projects delivered
Million money saved in automation (2016)

Our skills

Branding identity
SharePoint Custom Development
SharePoint Automation
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