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Hidden Factories Exist

Our average decrease of steps is 18-23% by automation and removal of redundant steps. Multiple examples of our work is available upon request.

Pockets of inefficiencies exist. A clear example of where Six Sigma could benefit is the following:

In a paperclip factory a foreman watches over the process and notices that every 100th paperclip has an imperfection. He takes that paperclip and throws it back in the fire to be remade while never reporting to upper management. A rolling problem occurs as the manufacturing cost grow to be higher and output becomes lower.

Problems like this occur every day in all organizations. SP Jedi helps to document the current process that is being utilized and provide recommendations on the future flow. We help get companies back on the right track by showing on the steps. We have Six-Sigma Certified Partners on our team to help each step of the way.

Agile Process Efficiency

Decreasing in Development Time is the Key to Stability

Agile Development Process provides true controls around releasing software is the most secure form. The users have the ability to customize the length and controls that are in place. Agile methodology ensures the user feedback is provided much sooner than other development process flows. When you incorporate users into the development process the end product defects decrease by 28%.

SP Jedi partners with your group to establish controls and create a process of collaboration within your organization. We help to minimize downtime while improving reporting to upper management. Our team prides themselves on ensuring improvements across the technology spectrum within the organization.

Staffing Needs Analysis

Do you have the people to reach your company's goals?

Staffing structures within an organization control the destiny of your company. Just an in marriage, the external parties can see the cracks of the internal parties by almost any interaction. Companies rely on sustainability and customer gravitate to the ones that practice what they preach.

SP Jedi understands the responsibility that comes with improving the organizational structure within a company and we approach each task with the delicate touch it requires. SP Jedi has assisted with over a 100 companies to do just that with keeping the budget implications in mind.

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When SP Jedi stepped into our offices, they hit the ground running. They helped us in a matter of three weeks. 30 June 2015
SP Jedi helped me find an interim Technology Director in a matter of 10 days. I can't thank them enough! 22 November 2014
Our company wanted to learn about Six Sigma and their team held training classes for us to rewire how we look at our process decisions. We have had them come out each year! 6 April 2015

SP Jedi assisted us in setting up a project in our Payment Processing Division that helped three of our Vice Presidents receive their green belt certification and a savings of $6.5 million in the first year.

D. Shields Bank of America