Migration Services

Painless Microsoft Migration In Just 30 Days Our Microsoft Migration Services are designed to simplify the process of installing and configuring Microsoft and their powerful platform. Within just 30 days you will have a custom tailored workspace that will transform the way your team shares information, collaborate on projects, and partners with external vendors

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Why Us?

We're Fast

If you know anything about the process of setting up a SharePoint 365 migration, then you know that getting your entire workflow up in running in just 30 days is not just quick, it is Clark-Kent-turning-into-Superman-quick.

We keep you in the loop

Our process is completely transparent. You will not only know what we are doing, you will be able to start testing your new workspace within 10-14 days of hiring us.

We're with you every step of the way

You will be assigned a dedicated point of contact that will stay with you throughout the process of setting up your SharePoint installation. Our detailed migration checklist will ensure that we cross every T and dot every I as we customize your SharePoint configuration.

Our Sharepoint migration process in a nutshell

Our Microsoft migration help and support services take the pain out of migrating your Office 365 content. Everything from your PowerPoint presentations and Word documents to your emails and calendars will be flowed into SharePoint, and then optimized to streamline your operations.


We conduct an in-depth review of your current workflows and documentation needs.


We then map your existing content into your new workflows.


We give you access to your new SharePoint platform so you can test it out and provide feedback.

Incremental Migration

Migrate all small changes made in the environment prior to full cutover

Flip the switch

We cut off access to your old network and activate your new live platform.

What Mess? We are all done

We provide 60 days of additional warranty support where we will adjust anything that needs adjusting.

The Decision that lies before you

Don't follow a process just because it's comfortable, make the right choices

Migration process

Our Steps To Success (how we finish your deathstar)

Provide SOW (statement of work)

Provide access to your personal Project Portal

Provide Mockups and designs for your sites

Migrate Design and Style

Migrate Files and Resources

Provide Access to the Team

Provide Testing Documents to ensure your area is ready

Our approach isn't groundbreaking, but it is simple and we think simple is the right approach.
we don't care how many users you have, we have flat rate pricing

After we are done what's next?

Starting using your custom designed sites

SP Jedi provides Help Desk Support for 60 days after deployment


For a decade, SP Jedi has been helping companies function at their highest level in the technology arena. We’re not trying to be the biggest consulting group in the market, but we are dedicated to providing our clients and customers with the most accessible and reliable service.


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