All templates are customized to fit yours corporate style guide within the cost of the template. We had add-ones such as Employee Directory, Reporting Tools, and many more collaboration webparts

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Our SharePoint Templates can be customized and delivered within 7 days

Demo Sites are available. Try to destroy them, we dare you! Your Corporate Colors Integrated into our design at no charge

our style

Endlessly Flexible

So you can design a SharePoint site to fit your vision instead of the other way around.

Powerful and Simple Interface

So you don’t have to commit valuable developer time to creating a completely new site.

A Faster Path to Great Branding

So you can brand a SharePoint web site with your corporate look and feel in days, not months.

We build over 200 custom Intranet Portals a year
We have designers and developers to turn around any request in less than 30 days

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For over a decade, SP Jedi has been helping companies function at their highest level in the technology arena. We’re not trying to be the biggest consulting group in the market, but we are dedicated to providing our clients and customers with the most accessible and reliable service.


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